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Comrades is an application about health and service providers for HIV / AIDS, provide trusted information, do consultation on HIV / AIDS to people who are competent in their fields, such as doctors and specialist, and provides reminder service and also provides location information for people living with HIV.

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Media Information

Comrade makes us to be able to obtain the information on HIV / AIDS in detail and up to date. The information comes from a trusted source and already validated by community.


We can send over a support using "Tweet Support" and "Stickers Support," as evidence that we support people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA).


We can interact with someone in Friend to Share features that already understand about HIV/AIDS.


We also can set up ARV reminder, if we have the Smartwatch we also can connect with Comrade application to get notifications about ARV therapy.

How it works

Comrades have many kind of user, Comrades are provided for general users such as society especially teenagers (from junior until senior high school) which has a pattern of risk to sexual and reproductive health, and users who specifically HIV / AIDS.


Registered as a Comrades user, we can access a lots of features Testing and Care Sites, Support Tweet and we can do a consultation with Friend to Share.

Friend to Share

Register as a Friend to Share, complete the required data as Friend to Share, we can access features public, we can send stickers and we can interact with people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).


Register as a user and get the recommendation from friend to share , we can access features public, we can see timeline that full of sticker, we can set up a reminder to consume an ARV medicine , if we have the Smartwatch we can also connect to get notifications about ARV therapy, and also we can interact with Friend to Share.

Comrades Features


Comrades provide features "Information" which deliver news, articles and The activities carried out on HIV / AIDS as evidence of our concern against HIV / AIDS.

Tweets Support

Comrades provide support features that displays all tweets positively related to HIV / AIDS. This feature can be seen by all users of the application. Tweet displayed passes through the filter as good as possible so it is expected that all tweets displayed constructive.

Sticker Support

Comrades provide features "sticker support" which can be seen on the sticker timeline and shipped directly by a friend to share.

Friend to Share

Comrades provide features "Friend to Share" for us who want to help people living with HIV / AIDS get services.

ARV Reminder

Comrades provide features "Reminder" to remind people with HIV take medicine regularly and on time, in order to suppress the development of the HIV virus.

Testing and Care Sites

Comrades provide features "Care & Site" to provide location information that provide services for people living with HIV / AIDS.

"Your Care For a Better Life"


Community who have been working with comrades.

GRAHA (Gerakan Remaja Anti HIV dan AIDS)

GRAHA (Gerakan Remaja Anti HIV AIDS) is a community that is really cares bout the activity of teenagers promiscuity. Today the association has experienced many shifts adolescents. It is marked by the increasing number of HIV AIDS. GRAHA exist for prevention of HIV AIDS by providing information as wide as possible to the public and held in positive activities in various fields to support the direction of the HIV-AIDS prevention. Therefore GRAHA expected to be a container that can be a bridge between the community and relevant institutions so as to establish solid cooperation in improving the quality of Indonesian young generation.


IAC (Indonesia AIDS Coalition)

Indonesia AIDS Coalition ( IAC ) is a community-based organization that works with stakeholders to improve transparency, accountability and public participation in AIDS program.

Our vision is a world without stigma and discrimination in which the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS affected populations are recognized, protected and fulfilled. In this vision, we would like to specifically emphasize the right to health, education, employment, decent livelihood and rights of the child.

IAC mission is to work for the key of affected populations to ensure the fulfillment of the rights of people living with HIV, the creation of an enabling environment and to promote good governance of the AIDS program that is participatory, transparent and accountable.


Rumah Cemara

Rumah Cemara didirikan oleh lima (mantan) konsumen NAPZA ilegal pada 2003. Organisasi komunitas ini , bertujuan meningkatkan kualitas hidup orang dengan HIV-AIDS, konsumen narkoba, serta kaum marginal

Rumah Cemara memimpikan Indonesia tanpa stigma dan diskriminasi di mana semua manusia memiliki kesempatan yang sama untuk maju, memperoleh layanan HIV dan NAPZA yang bermutu, serta dilindungi

sesuai konstitusi. Untuk dapat mewujudkannya, Rumah Cemara akan turut serta dalam upaya penanggulangan AIDS dan pengendalian NAPZA nasional beserta perumusan kebijakannya yang berpihak pada pemenuhan HAM dan kesetaraan.


Comrades Team

comrades team

Adam Mukharil Bachtiar

Product Owner

Bayu Wijaya Permana Putra

Scrum Master & Development Team (Android Development)

comrades team

Ariya Putra Wibawa

Development Team (Business Analyst & Public Relations)

Fitri Febriana

Development Team (Publication)

comrades team

Azka Aiman

Development Team (UI/UX Designer)

Muhammad Imammulloh

Development Team (UI/UX Designer)

comrades team

Joko Purwanto

Development Team (IOT Development)

Rio Ardhityo

Development Team (IOT Development)

comrades team

Bayu Paoh

Development Team (Android Development)

comrades team

Rizal Yogi Pratama

Development Team (Android Development)

comrades team

Ramdhan Rizki J.

Development Team (Back-End Development)

Tioreza Febrian

Development Team (Back-End Development)

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"Your Care For a Better Life"